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About Gelareh

Gelareh Pour is a renowned Iranian-Australian musician, known for her exceptional skill as a Persian Kamancheh and Qeychak player, as well as her talents as a singer, composer, and instructor. Gelareh began plying music at a young age, continuing her musical journey in Iran at the Art University of Tehran’s conservatorium, where she earned her BA, before furthering her studies with a Masters of Ethnomusicology at The University of Melbourne.

Her academic pursuits have led her to conduct research on ‘The Lives of Iranian Women Singers in Diaspora’ at MCM, shedding light on the professional experiences of Iranian Women singers before and after migration.

The exquisite genius of Gelareh Pour, we simply are not worthy.
– Nick Cave


Gelareh's musical prowess has taken her across the globe, with performances spanning Iran, Central Asia, Europe, and Australia. Since settling in Australia, she has become an integral part of the country's vibrant music scene, collaborating with some of its most innovative musicians, organisations, and festivals including Womadelaide, MONA FOMA, The National Folk Festival, SITUATE, Australian Art Orchestra, Punctum, Rubiks Collective, Cultural Infusion, ANU, Finding Our Voice, La MAMA Theatre, University of Melbourne, Boîte, Multicultural Arts Victoria, Monash University, RMIT and more.

Gelareh’s flexibility and interest in different cultures and genres sees her working across a variety of music scenes, including, improvised, experimental, cross-cultural, classical, electronic, soundscape, film-score and new Australian music.

Gelareh's voice can be soothing and dreamy at one moment and then build to intricately crafted tones - with a strong intensity that maintains razor-sharp control and commitment. – Perry Holt

Gelareh's versatility and passion for cross-cultural collaboration have earned her widespread acclaim. Nominated in multiple years for prestigious awards such as Music Victoria and Art Music Awards, Gelareh remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Australian music. She continues to collaborate across diverse genres including, improvised, experimental, cross-cultural, classical, electronic and new Australian music, always with a focus on showcasing the voice of Iranian women in her work.

Since relocating to Australia, Gelareh has produced a diverse array of albums, bands, and productions that showcase her boundless creativity and cross-cultural influences. As the co-founder of ZÖJ alongside long term collaborator Brian O’Dwyer, an avant-garde duo blending Persian and Australian sounds, Gelareh has pushed the boundaries of contemporary music with their innovative fusion. Her work with Red Vacuum, MNMM and Gelareh Pour’s Garden, has demonstrated her versatility across various genres. Her involvement with the Iranian Women’s Voice project has amplified the voices of Iranian women and enriched the cultural tapestry of Australia.

Exhilarating and heart-stoppingly beautiful. – Andrew Ford

Gelareh's commitment to promoting cultural diversity and empowering women through music makes her a vital voice in the Australian music landscape. Her unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence ensures that her contributions to the music industry will continue to resonate for years to come.

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