Gelareh Pour's Live Performance Streaming Support Campaign
April 2nd 2020 9PM EST

Everyone is invited!

After cancellation of many live gigs around Australia due current situation, it is important that we all do our part to curb the spread of COVID19, but this doesn't mean we still can't enjoy each-others company and celebrate the art and culture we're all so determined to protect.


In light of this, we are putting on a live performance that will be streamed live online and can be watched worldwide. Invite your friends to this event.


ZÖJ, the improvised and experimental duo of Gelareh Pour and Brian O'Dwyer will perform a 1hr - 1hr 30min set from their Home. This live stream was planned to be performed at Melbourne's Rolling Stock Recording Rooms featuring 4 musicians from Gelareh Pour's Garden but due recent restrictions around social gatherings, we decided to perform with only two of us who live in the same house.


The performance will be streamed across Facebook and Instagram. Please follow this event for details as they arise.


We are keen to help as much as possible, so rather than charging admission to the live stream, we have set up this page for you to pre-order Gelareh Pour's upcoming live album or purchase Gelareh's previous albums. $10 of the sale of each album will be donated to UNICEF. If you'd like to contribute more to UNICEF click on donation button bellow.


Please join us to celebrate, life, culture, art, connectivity, and the enduring human spirit, and together, let's show the world that the show must go on. 

To watch the concert on Facebook jump on the event page at 9:00PM on April 2nd.

To watch the concert on Instagram, follow
and join us at 9:00PM on April 2nd.


We love you all.
Gelareh Pour - ZÖJ


Want to donate more to UNICEF?

Be sure to help reliable sources like UNICEF and the World Health Organization. UNICEF is working with global health experts around the clock to provide accurate information. 
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