Garden Quartet’s songs journey from valley to peak,
engaging you to such a degree that time slips away,
a profound quality. Their music whorls and weaves a
dreamlike canopy of effortless delicacy and impassioned
vitality. Through them, a sense of meaning is restored
through the sublime arts of music and poetry.’
- Perry Holt, Hear and Now

گاردن كوارتت پژواك کوه است به دشت، سفری است
در زمان و ژرفاي وجود. موسيقي گاردن با ظرافت
هيجان و سرزندگي، یادها را به هم ميبافد، و
روياها را با هنر حيرت انگيز موسيقي و شعر
دگرگون ميكند

Released June 1, 2019

Garden Quartet
Gelareh Pour - Kamancheh / Qeychak / Voice
Arman Habibi - Santur / Voice
Mike Gallichio - Guitar / Bass / Piano
Brian O'Dwyer - Drum Kit / Percussion

All music composed by Garden Quartet, except:
Ala Tee Tee: composed by Morteza Hananneh, arranged by Garden Quartet
Moonlove Gilava: composed by Gelareh Pour, Brian O’Dwyer, Andy Miller

Recorded at Rolling Stock Recording Rooms
Produced by Myles Mumford, Gelareh Pour, Brian O'Dwyer
Engineered by Myles Mumford
Mastered by Becki Whitton
Layout by Brian O'Dwyer, Gelareh Pour, Fatemeh Araghian
Translations by Gilava Pour, Gelareh Pour, Brian O’Dwyer
Photo Direction by Nela Trifkovic and Gelareh Pour
Costume design by Fatemeh Araghian, Gelareh Pour and Brian O’Dwyer
Photos by Alta Truden

Garden Quartet CD & Digital Album | 2019