This album contains 3 live tracks. 
ZÖJ are:
Gelareh Pour - Kamancheh/Voice
Brian O'Dwyer - Drum kit


Poems by:

Hushang Ebtehaj

Seyed Ali Salehi

Mohammad Ali Talebi


Released July 30, 2020
Recorded live at Honey in Sydney, Australia on 22/12/2019
Recorded with one microphone by Saeed Sourati
Edits by Brian O'Dwyer
Mastered by Myles Mumford at Rolling Stock Recording Rooms
Cover photo by Mike Gallichio
Produced by ZÖJ

This release is dedicated to Jake Richards, DIY one mic punks for lyfe! We love you.
Special thanks to: Saeed Sourati. Parya Zaghand and Saffron & More. Solly, Nikki and Honey. Franz Schuerer. Amir Dabaghian, and all our kind Sydney mates.



1 . Sadafé Khāli (Empty Shell)
Poet: Hushang Ebtehaj 

‎بسترم صدف خالی یک تنهاییست‎
و تو چون مروارید گردن آویز کسان دگری

I’m an empty shell, your pearl has left me alone
And now hangs on another's necklace


2. Zemestān barāyé Ghazal (Winter for Ghazal)
Poet: Seyed Ali Salehi

غروب سه شنبه، زمستان بود؛ هفتم دی
تو پرستوی خیسی را در آستین خود به خانه آوردی
گفتم انکار نمی کنم
وصبح روز بعدچیزی شبیه یک پرنده ی عاشق
از بام خانه ی شما جانب دریا برخاست
گفتم انکار نمی کنم
تو در تجمع قلیلی ترانه ی مبهم
پی معنای دیگری
مشتی واژه از کف آسمان چیدی
گفتم انکار نمی کنم
تو پدرسوخته ی پریشان! تو
عامل اعتماد آیینه به فانوسکی بر ایوان شب بودی
گفتم انکار نمی کنم

They said:

It was Tuesday evening, in winter, Day 7(the first month of winter in Iran)

You took home a wet swallow hidden in your sleeve

I said: I don’t deny it

They said:

And the next day the bird was in love
Flowing from your room towards the ocean
I said: I don’t deny it

They said:

You have harvested words from the sky
And looked for new meaning in a few short songs
I said: I don’t deny it

They said:

You visionary madman,
You've caused the mirror to trust the lantern on a dark porch at night

I said: I don’t deny it 


3. Manjil (Windy City)

Poet: Mohamad Ali Talebi for Arash Talebi